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11 Best Hiking Hats for Sun Protection (2021 Update)

How Do You Choose One Of The Best Hiking Hats For Sun Protection? Choose one of the best hiking hats for sun protection. A hat shades your face from burning sunshine, and keeps your head cooler too! These hats come from well know outdoor gear brands. Read this for more about the best outdoor gear brands for hiking clothes. When you choose one of the best hiking hats for sun… 

The Best Winter Jacket For Hiking – Stay Warm!

the best winter jacket

How to Choose the Best Winter Jacket What do you want to think about when you choose the best winter jacket for hiking? While you often think about price, you want to think about the following: Warmth How warm is your jacket? The warmth depends on several factors. Important factors are the Lining and Fill Power. When used as a Lining, Down is very warm. Synthetic is warm too, but…