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Hiking Food

Backpacking Food (The Best For Your Day Hike!)

Backpacking Food

Pack the Best Backpacking Food! Do you want a great way to explore the world around you? Go hiking! Do you want to know about some healthy, convenient backpacking food to take with you? Read on.  Backpacking is a great, healthy way to explore, but most of the time you want to hike on a budget. When you backpack, budgeting means that want to be careful about how much gear… 

Best Hiking Foods Give You Energy For Your Hike!

Best Hiking Snacks

Best Hiking Foods Take the best hiking foods on your hike to ensure you have enough energy to enjoy your hike. You burn 3,000-4,000 calories on long hiking days, so eating one of the best hiking foods every hour or two lets you keep your energy level high. Always keep a few snacks in your pockets so you can easily reach them while you hike. For a day hike, you…