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How To Choose Your Gear

How to Choose the Best Hiking Daypack for Your Hike

best hiking backpack for your day hike

Choose the Best Hiking Daypack for Your Hike Choosing the best hiking daypack for your hike is an important decision. When considering the best hiking daypack for your hike, you have many great choices. However, with so many choices how do you pick a pack for your day hike? What do you consider when you pick the best hiking daypack? Daypacks are an investment. When you consider features, you want… 

Choose the Best Hiking Rain Jacket for Your Hike!

Hiking Rain Jacket

Hiking Rain Jacket – How to Choose What do you want to consider when you choose a hiking rain jacket? When you hike, you want a compact, light rain jacket. You want a hiking rain jacket that fits in your backpack easily. You want a jacket that does not add weight to your pack. Most importantly, you want a jacket that keeps you dry and a jacket that breathes. A… 

Women’s Hiking Boots – Women’s Feet Are Different

Best Womens Hiking Boots

Women and Men Have Physically Different Feet Men’s and women’s feet are different. Women’s feet deserve the best women’s hiking boots. The best women’s hiking boots are different from men’s boots. Women have unique feet, not a smaller version of a man’s foot. So, the best women’s boots are not a smaller version of a man’s boot. Women’s feet require boots with a different design so they have a comfortable… 

How to Buy the Best Hiking Boots and Hiking Socks!

Hiking Boots and Socks

Why Do You Want Quality Hiking Boots and Hiking Socks? Quality hiking boots and hiking socks are a good investment for several reasons. Generally, you want comfortable feet when you hike. When your feet are comfortable, you have a more enjoyable hike. Also, quality hiking boots and socks last longer. Boots  Simply put, quality hiking boots protect your feet and ankles. Boots protect your feet on a rugged trail.  A…