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3 Best Lake District Hikes

Lake District Hikes

3 BEST LAKE DISTRICT HIKES England’s Lake District Hikes offer some of the best hikes in the world. Take a strenuous or easy hike, and enjoy the awesome views you find here! The Lake District has a variety of landscapes for your hiking pleasure. The Lake District provides a safe habitat for rare, unusual, and protected animals too. The district has the largest population of peregrine falcons anywhere in Europe.… 

Enjoy 1 of the 6 Best – Take a Hadrian’s Wall Walk!

Hadrians Wall Walk

Enjoy a Hadrian’s Wall Walk! When you take a Hadrian’s Wall Walk, you take a walk through England’s history! Enjoy easy to strenuous walks as you get a thrill from the gorgeous English farmlands! The walks along Hadrian’s Wall have an interesting history too. The wall, completed in 128 AD, extends 73 miles in Northern England. The wall does not exactly separate England and Scotland. Still, from the eastern wall’s… 

The 16 Best Cotswold Walks Scenery and History

Best Cotswold Walks

16 Best Cotswold Walks – Background First, some background about the region where you find the best Cotswold walks The English Cotswolds has some of England’s most impressive scenery. Hiking in the Cotswold’s offers an unforgettable experience. Hikes vary from easy to difficult. The scenery along the best Cotswold walks also varies and offers stunning hilltop views, green woodlands, grassy valleys, and sparkling rivers and streams. The region has a…