Enjoy 1 Of The 6 Best: Take A Hadrian’s Wall Walk!

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Enjoy A Hadrian’s Wall Walk!

When you take a Hadrian’s Wall Walk, you take a walk through England’s history! Enjoy easy to strenuous walks as you get a thrill from the gorgeous English farmlands!

The walks along Hadrian’s Wall have an interesting history too. The wall, completed in 128 AD, extends 73 miles in Northern England. The wall does not exactly separate England and Scotland. Still, from the eastern wall’s sections, you can see the Scottish lowlands.

Historians have several theories about why the Roman Emporer Hadrian built the wall. The most accepted ideas include the wall was built as a sign of Rome’s power, to control access to and from Roman Briton, and as a defense against the Picts (modern Scots).

A Few Things To Think About For Your Hadrian’s Wall Walk

As you consider these walks, think about how to plan your hike and what you might want to take with you as you hike.

Housesteads to Steel Rigg Circular Walk: Northumberland National Park, UK

Do you like history, beautiful scenery, and healthy outdoors exercise? Take this walk!

My children and I took this hike. We enjoyed it a lot!. This walk gave us a great workout! We also enjoyed the enchanting scenery mixed with the rich history.

Hadrians Wall Walk

Distance: 7 1/2 miles – Moderate to Strenuous in places Circular (loop) hike with steep inclines

Hadrian’s Wall Walk Highlights Include:

  • Hadrian’s Wall – One of the most well preserved sections of Hadrian’s Wall
  • Housesteads Roman Fort – One of many forts along the wall
  • Roman Military Way – Major Roman road just south of Hadrian’s Wall
  • Stanegate Roman Road – Important Roman road between 2 forts that watched over 2 important river crossings
  • Roman Vindolanda – Roman fort where Britain’s earliest handwritten documents were found

The Barbarian’s (Picts) Trail View: Steel Rigg Car Park, Northumberland National Park, UK

Take this walk with your family, and enjoy breathtaking views. Get a great workout from the short, steep inclines. Be prepared! Wear well-made, waterproof, hiking shoes or boots

Distance: 3 1/2 miles – Strenuous Loop (circular) walk with steep inclines

Sycamore Gap – Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall Walk Highlights Include:

  • Hadrian’s Wall
  • Exquisite landscapes
  • Sycamore Gap – A famous sycamore tree near Hadrian’s wall also known as Robin Hood’s tree

Chesters Roman Fort: Chesters and Humshaugh, UK

This well preserved Roman fort includes rooms where the Roman officer’s lived, their steam rooms, and even baths. This was a Roman Calvary fort and also has many interesting historical objects for you to see.

Distance: 2 1/2 miles – Easy Circular (loop) hike

Hadrian’s Wall Walk Highlights Include:

  • Chesters Roman Fort – A Roman cavalry fort along Hadrian’s Wall
  • Humshaugh Village – Historic village
  • Humshaugh Church – Beautiful, historic church built in the early 1800s
Hadrians Wall Walk

Corbridge and Aydon Castle: Corbridge, UK

Built in the 13th century, Aydon castle is a very well preserved English country home. The town of Corbridge was a Roman fort built in 85 AD. In addition to a refreshing hike, enjoy the shops and food found in Corbridge.

Distance: 6 miles – Moderate Loop (circular) walk

Hadrian’s Wall Walk Highlights Include:

  • Corbridge – Roman Empire’s northernmost town; likely known as Coria by the Romans
  • Aydon Castle – A 13th century English country home

Cawfields to Caw Gap: Haltwhistle, UK

This moderately difficult hike is ideal for families with younger children. This short hike for offers grand views of the Cawfields Crag and superb English country landscape.

Distance: 2 miles – Moderately Strenuous Circular (loop) hike with a few steep slopes

Hadrian’s Wall walk Highlights Include:

  • Hadrian’s Wall
  • Pennine Way – Rugged mountain trail through England’s backbone; merges with the Hadrian Wall trail for 11 miles in Northumberland
  • Cawfields Quarry – One of Hadrian’s Wall’s highest standing segments
  • Roman Military Way – Major Roman road just south of Hadrian’s Wall
  • Vallum – Ditch with large mounds of dirt built by the Romans along Hadrian’s Wall
  • Whin Sill – Large flat layer of rock formed by cooled lava that part of the wall is built on

A Few More Things To Consider For Your Cotswold Walks

Conclusion: Best Hadrian’s Wall Walks

This is the wall that inspired books, movies, music, and poems! Take a walk along Hadrian’s Wall. Get a workout on the trail. Thrill to the sensational scenery. Take a walk back through the ages.

A Hadrian Wall walk has so much to offer. Put on your boots, grab your hiking stick, and get away from it all as you get on the trail again along Hadrian’s Wall.

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