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Hi! My name is Clint. HikingInk is a resource for hiking gear, hiking tips, and hiking trails. Thank you for visiting!  

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About HikingInk & Me

Recently, I retired as a school teacher. The subject I taught is Earth Science. I especially enjoyed teaching Ecology.

I live in the U.S. state of Georgia and LOVE the outdoors. Locally, I am active with a large hiking group where I live in North Georgia.

In Georgia, I have hiked extensively and hiked outside of the state in different U.S. locations. I have also hiked in Europe. As an avid reader, I also love to read about hiking and research related topics.

Fortunately, in Georgia, we have a variety of landscapes. We can hike in the tree-covered North Georgia mountains, along the sunny coast, and in the rolling hills of our wooded Piedmont region. Georgia offers great hiking adventures!

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Conclusion – About HikingInk

This is a “newish” blog. I want you to find the blog a useful resource as you enjoy getting on the trail and getting away from it all.

Let me share my experiences and research with you. I hope to hear from you with suggestions about how to make this blog a more useful resource. 

Please visit regularly! I hope you find the information useful, and stick around to see how the blog develops.

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