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Hiking Training

What are the Physical and Mental Benefits of Hiking?

Benefits of Hiking – Physical and Mental The benefits of hiking make a long, healthy list! Hiking’s health perks include physical and mental benefits. Spending time outdoors on the trail comes with a LOT of bonuses. Add the pleasures of the outdoors with the physical activity of simply walking, and you have a healthy activity. When you move up to the more intense hikes, the benefits multiply. The true benefits… 

Hiking Training Prepares You to Enjoy Your Hike!

Hiking Training

Hiking Training  Hiking training lets you prepare for your hike so you can endure the hike’s challenges. Training prepares you to meet the challenge of carrying a pack that weighs 10 pounds, 20 pounds, or even more as you hike. You need strength paired with cardiovascular fitness so you can enjoy your hike. Be sure you have the exercise equipment you need to build cardiovascular (cardio) stamina and muscle strength.…