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Women’s Lightweight Hiking Boots (9 Best)

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Why Do You Want Lightweight Hiking Boots?

The three most important features to consider when buying women’s lightweight hiking boots include:

women's lightweight hiking boots
  • Durability – Handle tough trails.
  • Weight – Avoid feeling weighted down.
  • Comfort – Take care of your feet!

Consider your personal preferences when it comes to the fit and style of women’s lightweight hiking boots. Also, make sure that your boots have all the features you need.


A good pair of women’s lightweight hiking boots should be durable enough to handle tough trails. Even on a day hike, your boots need to be tough enough to hold up against rocks, sticks, and other trail debris.

They should have an outsole made from either rubber or synthetic materials. You want a sole that protects your feet from the impact of rough trails and provides traction on slick trails.


Also, you want boots light enough to keep your feet from feeling weighted down. For every pound of boot, it feels like you added several pounds of weight on your feet.

Women’s lightweight hiking boots do not need to be heavy or bulky. You want boots light enough that all day wear does not make them heavy on your feet.

Hoka Stinson


Lightweight women’s hiking boots come ready to wear. You have the comfort of very little to no break-in when you buy lighter boots. You will enjoy this comfort for the lifetime of the boot.

Lightweight boots can provide support and comfort for your feet during a long hike. Buy boots with good foot and ankle support if you want a comfortable hike.

Your boots should have high ankles to help avoid twisting your ankles. They should also have sturdy foot support to protect your feet from the trail.

Also, you want boots made from lightweight material such as leather or nylon with a breathable mesh lining for extra comfort. Most of these will also be waterproof women’s hiking boots.

How Can You Make Your New Women’s Lightweight Hiking Boots Last Longer

No matter how good the boots you buy, they wear out over time. However, they will last last longer if you:

  • Invest in the right shoe care products. Buy polish and conditioner to keep your boots looking good and make them last longer. Be sure you use the products too!
  • Be sure your boots have thicker soles, and they will last longer. They will grip the trail better too.

Differences Between Women’s And Men’s Feet

Do you know the differences between women’s and men’s feet? To find out the differences, read this to learn how women’s feet differ from men’s feet. The differences in our feet are why you want a hiking boot made for a woman’s foot. Your feet will thank you!

9 Best Women’s Lightweight Hiking Boots

CompanyBootWeight (pair) MSRP
Altra Lone Peak 4 RSM Mid Waterproof1.33 lb.$170
HOKA ONE ONE Anacapa Mid GTX1.75 lb.$170
HOKA ONE ONE Sky Kaha Gore-Tex2.24 lb. $220
HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat Mid 2 GTX1.41 lb.$170
Keen Targhee Mid III Waterproof1.75 lb.$150
La Sportiva Nucleo High II GTX1.67 lb.$199
SalomonVaya Mid GTX1.45 lb.$160
SalomonX Ultra 4 Mid Gore-Tex1.45 lb.$165
VasqueBreeze AT Mid GTX2.25 lb.$189.99

What Are The Top Women’s Lightweight Hiking Boots’ Brands?

Lightweight hiking boots make a great option for many hikers. They are lightweight and provide more protection than day-to-day walking shoes. These boots were picked for day hikes or overnight hikes.

Choose one of these boots when you want a women’s lightweight hiking boot:

Altra – Lone Peak 4 RSM Mid Waterproof

Altra made the Lone Peak 4 Mid to take on tough trails. The company uses a new breathable, durable, and comfortable material to make the Lone Peak. The material has billions of tiny pores. That means it breathes in any condition, wet or dry, but the boot still lets sweat out. The boot’s upper has a new look with an updated mountain design. The updated outsole has multi-directional lugs that give you better footing on the trail.

womens lightweight hiking boots
Altra – Lone Peak

Features & Benefits

  • Fit4Her – Fit just for a woman’s foot
  • FootShape – More space for your foot to sit naturally since the design is for women’s feet
  • Balanced Cushion – Keeps your heel and forefoot an equal distance from the ground which:
    • Gives your foot better alignment
    • Makes your hiking form better
    • Causes a low impact landing when your foot meets the trail
  • Lug placement gives you better traction on the trail
  • Hook and loop tab allows you to attach a gaiter; gaiter keeps out rocks and trail trash
  • Dense rubber sole tread for better trail grip and longer lasting sole
  • Weight: 1.33 lb.
  • $170 MSRP

Altra – The Company

HOKA ONE ONE – Anacapa Mid GTX

HOKA used responsible manufacturing as a guide to design the Anacapa MID GTX. Think of this boot as a gateway to your favorite hiking trails. Engineered from lightweight leather certified by the Leather Working Group, the flexible shape uses recycled polyester in the collar, mesh and laces. This new style applies signature and extended-heel geometry designed for a smooth ride on the trails. You will love the ultimate comfort the Anacapa brings to your hikes.

womens lightweight hiking boots
HOKA Anacapa

Features & Benefits

  • PFC-free water repellent treatment
  • Waterproof nubuck leather
  • Quick lace hook
  • Gusseted tongue
  • Recycled polyester materials in collar, mesh and laces
  • GORE-TEX with recycled textile
  • Molded sock liner from 50% soybean oil
  • Compression molded midsole
  • Extended heel design for smooth impact
  • Megagrip rubber with 5mm lugs
  • Weight: 1.75 lb.
  • $170 MSRP

HOKA – The Company


This boot was named for the Māori word that means strength and support. The Kaha hiking boot give you both … strength and support.

On a long hike, the Kaha helps you finish your hike in comfort and safety. The Sky Kaha gives you a light boot, with great traction, and a lot of cushion so you hike in comfort. Soft, smooth, and supportive, the Kaha features a waterproof bootie that keeps your feet dry no matter how wet the trail. A lacing system that you can easily adjust gives you a snug fit no matter your foot type.

My wife owns these boots

My wife, Caren, owns and REALLY enjoys hiking in the Sky Kaha! She enjoys the support for her ankles. Also, she says the boots have great traction so she feels stable on the trail. The boots also offer very good traction. Best of all, she likes the plush cushion. Not only do the boots protect her feet, they are VERY soft and comfortable on her feet. She thinks the boots look good too, and they do!

Caren wore these boots on our recent trip to Italy. We hiked, and she enjoyed having these boots on the trails.

Even in the city, the Sky Kaha’s held up well. Italy has LOTS of hills. We visited Rome and Florence. In addition to the hills, many streets have cobblestone pavement. On the trails, and in the city, Caren’s feet were protected and comfortable. The Sky Kaha’s also gave her traction and great support on the cobblestone streets, and she was well supported.

Enjoy your hike with the Sky Kaha!

Features & Benefits

HOKA Sky Kaha
  • Waterproof bootie to keep your feet dry
  • Full grain, waterproof leather for long lasting boot that has more support
  • An EVA top layer for plush comfort around the foot
  • Rubberized EVA midsole offers a durable cushion and a responsive feel
  • A hi-traction outsole with 5mm lugs
  • Multidirectional lugs give great grip on varied trails
  • Weight: 2.24 lb.
  • $220 MSRP

HOKA – The Company

HOKA ONE ONE – Speedgoat Mid 2 GTX

A fast hiker, the Speedgoat Mid GTX 2 meets a sweet spot between a trail runner and hiking boot. This boot features a collar designed with the ankle in mind. The collar gives you more ankle support. The Speedgoat Mid performs in all kinds of weather including wet weather. A GORE-TEX bootie keeps your foot dry when you hike wet trails. A speed hiker with a Megagrip outsole, the Speedgoat Mid GTX 2 gives you traction all day on the trail.

Features & Benefits

womens lightweight hiking boots
HOKA Speedgoat
  • Premium, lightweight, breathable GORE-TEX bootie for dry feet
  • Water-resistant mesh upper offers all seasons comfort
  • Molded foam collar designed for your ankle gives you better ankle support
  • Midsole features a new, lightweight foam for a more responsive ride
  • Wider forefoot also adds to a more stable ride and better fit
  • Megagrip rubber outsole helps you grip wet or dry hiking trails
  • 5mm lugs give you more support and stability
  • Carefully placed rubber adds even more support and stability
  • Weight: 1.41 lb.
  • $170 MSRP

HOKA – The Company

Keen – Targhee Mid III Waterproof

The well known Targhee hiking boot for women brings an updated look to all-terrain hikes. Keen gave the Targhee a better fit, more durability, higher performance, and improved its rugged outdoor looks.

Features & Benefits

Keen Targhee
  • Keen Dry waterproof, breathable membrane
  • Leather mud shield for a tougher and longer lasting boot
  • Speed hooks for easy lace adjustment
  • Injected TPU heel system for more stability
  • Tough internal shank offers sturdy but lightweight support
  • 4mm multi-directional lugs for traction
  • Keen’s Cleansport NXT offers natural odor control
  • Environmentally-preferred, premium leather from Keen’s Leather Working Group certified tannery
  • Waterproof leather and performance mesh upper protects your feet and lets you have a fun hike
  • Keen’s All-Terrain rubber outsole for higher-traction grip
  • Dual-density, compression-molded EVA midsole
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Removable, dual-density footbed designed around the foot’s shape
  • Footbed design provides great arch support and cradle the natural contours of the foot
  • Keen’s DRYA waterproof, breathable membrane that lets vapor out without letting water in
  • Weight: 1.75 lb.
  • $150 MSRP

Keen – The Company

La Sportiva – Nucleo High II GTX

The Nucleo High II GTX Women’s offers best-in class breathability in a mid-duty waterproof hiking boot. The Nucleo has La Sportiva’s award-winning Gore-Tex Surround technology so your feet can breathe while they stay dry. A traditional Nubuck leather look makes the Nucleo a stylish looking, sturdy boot. This hiking boot gives you the best combination of durability, protection, and comfort. Also available in WIDE sizes

Features & Benefits

womens lightweight hiking boots
La Sportive Nucleo
  • A last (shape used to form a boot) made for a woman’s foot
  • Tough, stylish Nubuck leather upper
  • Rubber toe cap to protect your toes
  • Gore-Tex lining that lets your feet breathe but stay dry
  • Breathability comes from underfoot
  • 4mm high performance/comfort insole protects your feet from the trail
  • Compression molded Vibram sole gives even more foot protection
  • Great traction and grip for a stable hike
  • Flex ankle hinge for better mobility
  • Weight: 1.67 lb.
  • $199 MSRP

La Sportiva – The Company

Salomon – Vaya Mid GTX

The new women-specific Vaya Mid GTX hiking shoe was designed for outdoor women who want to reconnect with nature.

The soft collar and Salomon Sensiflex technology snuggly adapt the Vaya to your foot for more comfort. The Vaya adds comfort with higher ankle support and sturdy mesh.

Salomon’s Contagrip outsole gives you a longer lasting sole with great grip. The waterproof Gore-Tex membrane keeps your dry while letting your feet breathe.

Features & Benefits

Salomon Vaya
  • Designed for a woman’s foot
  • Soft collar and strong support perfectly adapts to a female’s feet
  • Higher ankle support for extra stability
  • Simple stylish lines
  • A choice of colors
  • Out-of-the-box style, comfort and hiking ready
  • Sturdy mesh for comfort
  • Strong gripping outsole, keeps stable on trail
  • Waterproof Gore-Tex membrane so your feet stay dry on the trail
  • Weight: 1.45 lb.
  • $160 MSRP

Salomon – The Company

Salomon – X Ultra 4 Mid Gore-Tex

With the Ultra X 4, Salomon made another women-specific boot. This boot was made just for for women’s feet. The boot has a softer cuff that embraces your foot for more stability on the trail. This mid-cut GORE-TEX version of the X-ULTRA 4 keeps your feet dry. Also, a grippy outsole helps you easily hike uphill and easily hike downhill.

Salomon X Ultra

Features & Benefits

  • Improved stability for a safe hike
  • All-terrain grip to avoid slips
  • Women-specific sole
  • Textile and synthetic lining for comfort
  • Textile upper for more comfort
  • Rubber outsole that lasts
  • $165 MSRP

Salomon – The Company

Vasque – Breeze AT Mid GTX

As the latest version in the well known Vasque Breeze family, the Breeze AT GTX was updated so you have a better hike. The breeze is more durable and has more support while remaining lightweight. A leather and abrasion resistant mesh upper, joins the Vasque Exclusive Vibram Contact Grip outsole so you have a tougher boot with better trail grip.

Features & Benefits

womens lightweight hiking boots
Vasque Breeze
  • Breathable mesh
  • Waterproofed with GORE-TEX for dry feet
  • Footbed designed for comfort on the trail
  • Lightweight sturdy shank protects your feet
  • All terrain midsole with cushion pods for added foot comfort
  • Strong gripping soles keeps you balanced
  • Nubuck leather for toughness and style
  • Weight: 2.25 lb.
  • $ 189.99 MSRP

Vasque – The Company

Conclusion: You Want Comfortable, Durable Women’s Lightweight Hiking Boots

You want comfortable, durable, and good-looking women’s hiking boots. Sometimes, due to low quality of materials used to make some boots, you could get poorly made. The companies above make quality women’s lightweight hiking boots.

Get a high-quality boot that keeps your feet feeling great, and looking stylish. Buy your boots from an established company like one of the brands above. These brands have made boots for a long time, know how to make high-quality boots, and make them well!

9 Best Women’s Lightweight Hiking Boots

CompanyBootWeight (pair) MSRP
Altra Lone Peak 4 RSM Mid Waterproof1.33 lb.$170
HOKA ONE ONE Anacapa Mid GTX1.75 lb.$170
HOKA ONE ONE Sky Kaha Gore-Tex2.24 lb. $220
HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat Mid 2 GTX1.41 lb.$170
Keen Targhee Mid III Waterproof1.75 lb.$150
La Sportiva Nucleo High II GTX1.67 lb.$199
SalomonVaya Mid GTX1.45 lb.$160
SalomonX Ultra 4 Mid Gore-Tex1.45 lb.$165
VasqueBreeze AT Mid GTX2.25 lb.$189.99

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