11 Best Hiking Boots For Women – Enjoy Your Hike!

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Overview – Best Hiking Boots For Women

The 11 best hiking boots for women offer you a selection of sturdy, comfortable, well made hiking boots. Each boot offers you an affordable choice too. Select a pair of the best hiking boots for women so you have a comfortable and fun hike!

Well crafted boots:

  • Protect feet from rugged trails
  • Help keep you steady
  • Keep your feet dry

Be sure you invest in a well made pair of hiking socks too so you have comfortable feet, and you avoid blisters. Learn more about hiking socks!

All of these hiking boot makers follow or are beginning to follow Fair Trade practices.

The posted prices are the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).

What Are The Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Feet?

The main differences between women’s and men’s feet include:

  1. Smaller feet
  2. Wider in the forefoot and toe area
  3. More narrow at the heel
  4. More flexible than men’s feet
  5. Require more insole and arch support

Know the differences between women’s and men’s boots. Know the differences so you can choose a pair of the best hiking boots for women. Read this to learn more about how women’s feet differ from men’s feet.

Best Hiking Boots For Women

AltraWomen’s Lone Peak All Weather Mid$180
ColumbiaNewton Ridge Plus $110
HokaAnacapa MID GTX$185
KeenTarghee III Mid Waterproof$175
KeenVoyageur Mid$155
La SportivaUltra Raptor II Mid GTX$209
LowaRenegade Mid-Waterproof$245
MerrellMoab 2 Mid-Ankle Women’s$145
SalomonX Ultra 4 Mid GTX $165
North FaceVectiv Exploris Mid Futurelight $179
TimberlandMt. Maddsen Mid Waterproof$115

Choose one of these best hiking boots for women. Your feet will thank you!

Altra Lone Peak All Weather Mid


The Lone Peak All Weather Mid is ready for adventures of all distances. Enjoy the Lone Peak on all kinds of hikes. Wear these boots on day hikes, overnighters, week long hikes, and even multi month hiking trips.

Altra used their eVent weather resistant bootie construction when they made the Lone Peak. eVent protects your feet from all kinds of weather. The Lone Peak All Weather Mid also features a tough outsole and a responsive midsole for a durable boot and your hiking comfort. Wear this boot when you want to hike, and hike as far as you want.

11 Best Hiking Boots For Women - Enjoy Your Hike!
Lone Peak All Weather Mid

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged, lightweight trail hiking and running shoe for going fast and far on any kind of trail
  • Flexible synthetic upper, your feet to move easily
  • Mid height boot, protects and supports on rough trails
  • Waterproof membrane; keeps feet dry; remains very breathable
  • 0 mm drop; walk naturally with forefoot strike
  • Soft, shock absorbing cushioning; takes care of feet on the trail
  • Durable rubber sole; firm grip on different types of trails
  • Forefoot lugs; better traction on the trail
  • MSRP $180

Shop Lone Peak

Altra – The Company

Altra Cofounders Brian and Golden met on the first day of cross country practice as sophomores at Orem High School in Utah.

The first Altra innovation happened when Golden put a pair of shoes in a family toaster oven. The shoe heated enough to remove the heel. He was then able to form what would later become the Altra Balanced Cushion platform.

Altra’s values include:

  • Have a healthy lifestyle.
  • Unlock everyone’s potential.
  • Discover ourselves and our world.
  • Find joy.
  • Be responsible.
  • Zero:
    • Intolerance
    • Hate
    • Racism
    • Excuses
    • Limits

Altra partner’s include:

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Amped Waterproof Hiking Boots


With Columbia’s hiking boots you get a good looking, lightweight, strong boot. The boots have heavy duty leather and mesh uppers.

These boots have waterproof, sealed seams so rain, mud, or puddles do not get your feet wet on your hike. Columbia gives you a cushioned boot with excellent support and rubber outsoles that grip the trail.

Expect to hike comfortably for many miles over rocks, grass, gravel, and roots when you wear the Newton Ridge.

11 Best Hiking Boots For Women - Enjoy Your Hike!
Newton Ridge Plus

Features & Benefits

  • Waterproof for dry feet
  • Leather and man made uppers for a durable boot
  • Great traction on the trail
  • Very good support
  • Modestly priced to fit your budget
  • MSRP $110

Shop Newton Ridge Plus

Columbia – The Company

Columbia Sportswear started doing business as a family owned hat dealer. The company founders fled Nazi Germany in 1937. The founders moved to Portland where they bought a hat dealership.

The company’s name, Columbia Hat Company, came from the nearby Columbia River. In 1960, Columbia Hat Company became Columbia Sportswear Company. Currently, Columbia has its headquarters in Oregon, just outside of the city of Beaverton.

Columbia became a public company in 1998. In 2003, Columbia began acquiring outdoor companies. First, it bought footwear maker Sorel. In 2003, the company bought Mountain Hardwear. Next, Columbia bought the Pacific Trail and Montrail brands in 2006. The most recent purchase was prAna in 2014.

Interestingly, Columbia announced a plan to sponsor Bubba Wallace and Petty Motorsports. Bubba Wallace took a stand against Confederate flags at NASCAR races. Mr. Wallace’s stance led to NASCAR banning the flags at races.

Hoka One One Women’s Anacapa MID GTX Hiking Boots


Feels like a shoe, wanders like a boot.

The responsibly made Anacapa MID GTX is a gateway to great hiking. Made from lightweight leather certified by the Leather Working Group, the versatile boot has recycled polyester in the collar, mesh and laces. This style applies HOKA extended heel geometry designed for a smooth ride on the trails.

This boot has the Seal of Approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). The Seal of Aproval recognizes products found to be beneficial to foot health.

Speed hiker perfectly describes the Anacapa. Using the Hoka One One trail running experience and innovations, Hoka built a comfy, speedy, waterproof hiker. Enjoy hiking any kind of trail when you wear the Anacapa.

Everything about the Anacapa was checked. Checks were made from a functional and weight saving point of view. Checks were made from the tough, breathable upper, to the molded foam midsole, and the megagrip outsole lugs.

Features & Benefits

  • Leather Working Group Gold rated waterproof nubuck leather means high quality
  • Recycled polyester materials in collar, mesh and laces for a better planet
  • GORE-TEX footwear fabric with recycled textile; helps your feet dry; earth friendly
  • Extended heel for better footing
  • Vibram Megagrip rubber for the best traction as you hike
  • 5mm lugs for the best grip as you hike
  • PFC Free water repellency treatment; earth friendly & dry feet
  • Quick lace hook for easy lacing
  • Gusseted tongue keeps the trail trash out of your boot
  • Molded PU sockliner made with 50% soybean oil; for comfort and cleaner planet
  • Compression molded foam midsole; long lasting comfort
  • Late stage Meta-Rocker; supports your forefoot
  • $185 MSRP

Shop Anacapa

Hoka – The Company

Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard founded Hoka One One in 2009. Formerly, they worked for Salomon. The founders designed a shoe that allowed them to run downhill faster. The first shoe had an oversized outsole with more cushion than other shoes at the time. The shoes are named after the Maori language phrase that means “fly over the earth”.

At first, the shoes were embraced by ultramarathon runners due to the shoe’s great cushion and stability. HOKA was purchased on April 1, 2013 by Deckers Brands, the parent company for other well known outdoor footwear brands.

Hoka partners with a variety of groups that support human rights and improving the outdoors experience. Hoka’s partnerships include:

KEEN Women’s Targhee III Mid Waterproof Boot


Another great Keen choice, the Targhee III waterproof hiking boots keep your feet dry while letting your feet breathe. The grippy sole grabs the trail to keep you stable on your hike. This boot gives you ankle support and all day comfort.

11 Best Hiking Boots For Women - Enjoy Your Hike!
Targhee III Mid Ankle Waterproof Boot

Shop Targhee III

Features & Benefits

  • Nubuck leather and man made uppers that make them sturdy and comfortable
  • A soft midsole for your foot’s comfort
  • Waterproof to keep your feet dry
  • Provides good traction and foot support for frim footing on the trail
  • MSRP $175

Keen – The Company

A fairly young company, the first Keen sandals, and shoes were made in 2003. At first, Keen found a market in sailing and other outdoor water activities.

Now, they have products for many outdoor activities as well as hiking shoes and boots. Products include casual and cold weather footwear, bags, and clothes.

Keen grew quickly since it began. Footwear News named the company 2003’s “Launch of the Year”. In 2009, the company had sales of $130 to $140 million. By 2011, revenue was about $240 million. Now Keen has around $347 million in revenue.

The company values show their interest in improving the outdoors. In 2004, Keen joined a relief effort for the Asian tsunami. They used their $1 million advertising budget to help with the tsunami relief. 

Keen partners with groups who share their vision to improve the outdoors. Groups include:

Keen also helps veterans provide protective footwear for those in need. The partnerships support conservation corps work across America too.

Keen – Women’s Voyageur Mid  Boot


Enjoy these versatile hiking boots on day hikes or for much longer overnight hiking trips.

Keen uses water resistant leather and mesh to keep help keep your feet dry and debris free.

These stable boots help you balance your backpack. The boot’s tread keeps you stable on rough trails.

With shock absorption, structured heel support, and a soft, comfortable collar the Voyageur offers you a great hiking boot. This trail tested boot is ideal for day hikes and overnights.

11 Best Hiking Boots For Women - Enjoy Your Hike!
Voyageur Mid  Boot

Features & Benefits

  • Each of the boots has leather and mesh uppers to give you a sturdy comfy boot.
  • The boots resist water to help keep your feet dry.
  • The women’s and men’s boots each have a soft, comfortable, removable midsole that keeps your feet feeling great as you hike.
  • Each boot provides good traction and foot support to keep you steady.
  • MSRP $155

Shop Voyageur

Keen – The Company

La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX


The Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX Women’s is the perfect option for hikers who want a boot for day hikes. The boot gives you the best of a trail runner and hiking boot for a great hiker.

Designed from the inside, the UltraRaptor can handle the harshest conditions on unpredictable trails. Stable, all terrain cushioning protects your feet. A waterproof and breathable lining provides keeps your feet dry on rough, wet trails.

Features & Benefits

  • Comfort collar adds ankle protection
  • Heel stabilizer gives you more control on rough trails
  • Abrasion resistant and breathable mesh to last longer and for your comfort
  • Rubber toe cap for protection
  • Lacing system spreads tension evenly for more comfort and control
  • Mud guard adds protection from the trail and weather
  • Excellent traction on any type of trail for a fun hike

Shop Ultra Raptor II

La Sportiva – The Company

In Italy, La Sportiva has a strong passion for the mountains and the environment. That is why the company makes sure the Italian factory has little negative impact on the outdoors.

La Sportiva owns and operates a state of the art factory in Italy. This small, 250 person factory is rare in today’s footwear world where hyper competition leads to outsourcing. The factory is located in a small mountain village in the heart of the Italian Dolomites. Here, the tradition and heritage of handmade footwear lives on.

The La Sportiva North America headquarters, in Boulder, Colorado, operates a zero-waste facility. The facilities are powered by wind power via Renewable Choice Energy. The headquarters and factory in Italy uses 100% renewable energy, and when under consuming, puts energy back into the grid. 

In addition to employee voluteers,

Lowa Women’s Renegade Mid Waterproof


Lowa uses gender specific lasts (shoe molds) to construct their women’s boots. Lowa makes their women’s boots with a  narrower heel and narrower in the ball of the foot area. 

Making their boots for a woman’s foot gives you a better, comfortable fit. Lowa was first with boots made for women’s feet. Their women’s boots are not just a smaller model of a man’s boot! Read about why you want a boot made for women’s feet.

Even though the Lowa boots have a premium price, you get a premium boot. The Lowa Renegade’s comfort, fit, and durability set a hiking boot standard. Made for a woman’s’ foot, really consider a pair of these best hiking boots for women.

Renegade Mid Waterproof

Features & Benefits

  • Nubuck leather uppers for a strong boot
  • A GORE-TEX® lining for dry feet
  • Women’s boots made with female specific features for great fit and feel
  • MSRP $245

Shop Renegade

Lowa – The Company

Lowa began doing business in 1923. A Barvarian cobbler made sturdy work boots for his neighbors. Funding for the company came from a side business with his brothers. Their side business was the Wagner Orchestra.

The original founder, Lorenz Wagner, was replaced during WWII since he did not support the Nazis. After the war, the business grew until it slowed in 1953. In 1955, the founder’s daughter took over and helped the company begin growing again.

In 1970, Lowa was the first company with a way to use dense foam that allowed high volume production. Also, the foam has the durability of wood but does not crack or rot. The company was first with tough rubber soles too.

Lowa supports many outdoor non-profit groups. Some of the groups include:

Merrell Moab 2 Mid Ankle Women’s Boot


Out of the box, enjoy a very comfortable hiker. These women’s boots offer durable leathers and footbeds with strong support. Include outstanding traction, and you understand why Moab stands for Mother Of All Boots. Many consider the Moab 2 one of the best hiking boots for women.

Moab 2 Mid-Ankle

Features & Benefits

  • Waterproof, suede leather and mesh uppers for a dry, comfy, tough boot
  • A comfortable midsole that offers you good traction
  • MSRP $145

Shop Moab 2

Merrell – The Company

Since their beginning, Merrell made hiking boots. Two of the first founders partnered with a custom boot maker. The boot maker was R.I. Merrell. When they partnered in 1981, Merrell made custom hiking boots that sold for $500.

The partners wanted a more affordable boot. So, in 1982, Merrell designed that boot. In 1986, Merrell sold his part of the company so he could return to making custom boots.

Wolverine Worldwide bought Merrell in 1997. Now Merrell also sells trail running shoes, sandals, and outdoor clothes.

Merrell’s partnerships reflect the company’s values. Merrell supports:

Salomon X Ultra 4 Mid Gore-Tex Women’s Hiking Boots


Made for a woman’s foot, the X Ultra Mid GTX hiking boot was designed for outdoor women so you enjoy your hike. The soft collar snuggly adapts to your foot. Higher ankle support, sturdy mesh, strong gripping outsoles, and a waterproof Gore-Tex lining protect your foot while your foot grabs the trail.

Features & Benefits

  • Women specific fit with a soft collar; made for a woman’s foot for great fit
  • Shaped around a form (last) made just for a woman’s foot to fit your feet
  • Designed for a woman’s frame for a stable, cushioned hike
  • All terrain grip for wet, dry, hard or loose surfaces
  • Molded insert protects your foot
  • Lugs that improve traction on soft surfaces like mud or loose dirt
  • High performance foam that reduces shock
  • PU coated leather that protects and makes leather stronger to last longer.
  • Water repellent to keep your feet dry
  • Soft, breathable lining for extreme comfort.
  • Gusseted tongue to prevent debris out of the boot; also keeps tongue centered
  • Mudguard protects sides of the foot.
  • Sockliner matches shape of your foot for cushion and comfort
  • MSRP $165

Shop X Ultra 4

Salomon – The Company

The company has been playing in the French Alps since 1947. A passion for outdoor sports, new technologies, and craftsmanship drives the company to create progressive gear.

Company milestones include:

  • 1947 – Opened as the Salomon wood saws and ski edges workshop
  • 1966 – Ski bindings are used at the Chile Olympic games
  • 1972 – Became the #1 binder in the world, sold more than a million pairs of bindings
  • 1979 – Alpine boots, immediate success
  • 1985 – New headquarters in Metz Tessy, Annecy and 200 million Euros sales
  • 1992 – First hiking shoe
  • 2005 – Acquired by AMER Sports
  • 2019 – Unveils WMN campaign to empower women in the outdoors

A few examples that show the sustainability commitment:

  • The Salomon Foundation was created in 1999 in order to support mountain professionals and athletes hurt during their sport activities.
  • The company manages and updates Restricted Substances Lists specific to core product categories.
  • A bluesign® System Partner since 2013 and commits to the using more sustainable textiles chemistry.
  • Sustainable Apparel Coalition member and an active
    Higg Index participant.
  • Global headquarters at the Annecy Design Center is ISO14001 and
    ISO 50001 certified (energy, water and risks management).
  • Signed the United Nations Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action.

Outdoor groups supported by Salomon include:

The North Face Women’s VECTIV Exploris Mid Futurelight Leather


The trail styled Women’s Ultra Fastpack IV Mid Futurelight gives you extra ankle support. The boot has a waterproof, breathable fabric so your feet stay dry. This light mid top boot has a tough mesh upper. The mesh keeps you comfortable on the roughest, wettest trails.

You also get a super grippy outsole and a responsive midsole. Enjoy every step as you hike twisty, jagged trails when you wear a pair of these best hiking boots for women. The midsoles give you better support and more endurance. The reliable Vibram soles keep your feet on the trail when the footing gets tricky.

11 Best Hiking Boots For Women - Enjoy Your Hike!
VECTIV Exploris Mid Futurelight

Features & Benefits

  • Footbed made with 5% recycled rubber content for a cleaner world
  • Protective toe cap and heel overlay for more protection
  • Upper: abrasion resistant mesh with no sew overlays for a stronger boot
  • Integrated ghillie lacing system (no tongue) so your feet stay clean as you hike
  • Gusseted tongue for your comfort
  • Breathable, waterproof Futurelight membrane to keep your feet dry
  • Stairstep lug design for traction on the trail
  • Vibram Megagrip outsole for more traction
  • MSRP $179

Shop VECTIV Exploris

The North Face – The Company

In 1966, two outdoor lovers chose to follow their passion. The two started a small mountain climber’s retail store. In the beginning, the company wanted to serve all those who desired to explore. The company also wanted to help save our natural wildlands.

The North Face believes that exploring makes a lasting bond with the outdoors. The bond inspires people to protect our shared land. The bond also encourages nature lovers to pass their beliefs from generation to generation. This belief also makes them another of the best outdoor gear brands.

The North Face now has hiking and outdoor clothing that includes:

  • Jackets & vests
  • Rainwear
  • Gloves
  • Hats
  • Jackets
  • Hoodies
  • Sweatshirts
  • Pants
  • Shorts

The North Face’s values stress:

  • Using recycled materials
  • Using responsible cotton
  • Making long lasting products
  • Responsible chemical use:
  • Partnering with Bluesign Technologies:
    • Bluesign – safe cloth and fabrics for workers, buyers, and the earth  
  • Following the Leave No Trace rules
  • Protecting the Arctic by support for:
  • Co-founding The Conservation Alliance
    • The alliance helps protect lands and waterways for wildlife and for people to enjoy.
  • Climate Change Advocacy with Ceres
  • Asking our elected U.S. leaders to support:
    • Low carbon policies
    • Invest in a green economy

Timberland Mt. Maddsen Mid Waterproof


The Timberland Mt. Maddsen Mid Waterproof women’s boots give you good looking outdoor styling. In addition, the boots offer you complete protection from the rain and from water crossings.

When you wear a pair of these best hiking boots for women, the trail seems effortless! The Mt. Maddsen Mid Waterproof also features a shock absorbent cushion for your hiking comfort. Rubber soles give you great traction.

All of these features come with Timberland’s well known stylish look.

11 Best Hiking Boots For Women - Enjoy Your Hike!
Mt. Maddsen Mid Waterproof

Features & Benefits

  • Outsole up to 34% recycled rubber for a cleaner environment
  • A waterproof upper that keeps your feet dry
  • Waterproof lining made with 50% recycled plastic bottles for a clean world
  • Sustainable leather (The Leather Working Group)
  • Rubber lugs for traction on the trail
  • Molded foam footbed absorbs shock; helps keep you from getting tired
  • MSRP $115

Shop Mt. Maddsen

Timberland – The Company

The company began as a family business. An immigrant, Nathan Swartz, bought one half of the company in 1952. He soon bought out his partner and brought his sons into the business.

The Abington Shoe Company, as Timberland was first known, moved to Newmarket, New Hampshire. Newmarket is known for its majestic mountain ranges, rocky shorelines, dense forests, rivers, and lakes.

In 1973, the original waterproof boots called the “Timberland” was invented. The boots were rugged, well made, and could be worn in all kinds of weather.

Those who loved the outdoors and who needed protection in all weather wanted the boots. Also, trade workers who needed rugged boots loved them. Many people liked the boots just because they wanted a great looking pair of boots!

These boots defined the brand. They were so popular that in 1978 the entire company was named Timberland!

Timberland wants a greener world and wants to help feed the world. The company partners with these groups to plant 50 million trees by 2050 and help feed the world:

Conclusion – Best Hiking Boots

Boots protect your feet when you hike a rugged trail.  The protection from a pair of the best hiking boots for women keeps your feet from feeling every rock and hole on a trail. Boots also support your ankles and help you keep your footing. A good pair of hiking boots keep your feet dry too.

You have a more pleasant hike when you wear a pair of high quality boots. Consider one of the best hiking boots for women!

AltraWomen’s Lone Peak All Weather Mid$180
ColumbiaNewton Ridge Plus $110
HokaAnacapa MID GTX$185
KeenTarghee III Mid Waterproof$175
KeenVoyageur Mid$155
La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX$209
LowaRenegade Mid-Waterproof$245
MerrellMoab 2 Mid-Ankle Women’s$145
SalomonX Ultra 4 Mid GTX $165
North FaceVectiv Exploris Mid Futurelight $179
TimberlandMt. Maddsen Mid Waterproof$115

Learn more about what you want to look for when you consider new hiking boots!

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

If you are uncertain the you want a pair of these boots, Amazon has some very good budget choices.

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