Hiking Clubs (Join A Club For A Better Hiking Experience!)

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Hiking Clubs – Why Join a Club?

Hiking clubs offer many benefits. What are some benefits of hiking clubs?  When you join a hiking club, you meet other hikers. You also give yourself a chance to hike safely and often.

If you want to begin hiking or find others who share your interest, join a hiking club. Hiking clubs are a group of people who love to hike.

The club often plans hikes together. Consider joining a hiking club to learn more about hiking. A club also offers you more chances to go hiking. 

Hiking Clubs’ Benefits

Often, hiking clubs take long, difficult hikes. You might not want to take those kinds of hikes alone.

When you hike with a with a club, you get the safety that comes from being with other hikers. Hiking with others reduces the chance for accidents. Hiking with others also provides you with some security. Other hikers can help you if you have an accident.

Even an experienced hiker benefits from a hiking club membership. They get to meet other hikers and also get the safety of hiking with a group.

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Types of Hiking Clubs

Look at different kinds of hiking clubs. Find a club that meets your hiking interests. You can join some clubs for free and meet people for small group hikes. Some clubs charge a fee.

Clubs that charge a fee usually meet often and take long trips together. Be active with your club. Whether it is service activities or taking hikes with club members, be active.

National and Local Hiking Clubs

The American Hiking Society – National Hiking Club

Introduction – The American Hiking Society

Check the American Hiking Society (AHS) for a great hiking resource. The society has resources for beginner as well as experienced hikers.

The American Hiking Society brings together local hiking clubs. The clubs offer you a wide range of local hiking resources.

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The AHS supports hikers and provides chances to volunteer. The society also works with Congress and federal agencies to improve hiking and hiking trails.

The society’s work with Congress and agencies ensures funding for trails. Their work also preserves natural areas. Volunteer opportunities give you a chance to help take care of our trails.

The AHS puts together trail maintenance activities. No matter your age or experience, you can volunteer as a trail worker. The society offers many volunteer events.

Well known volunteer events include National Trails Day and Winter Trails Day. Help maintain the trails you enjoy! Meet new people! Enjoy the satisfaction you get from helping!

Free Resources

The American Hiking Society offers many free hiker resources! Some resources include:

Hikes Near You

The American Hiking Society partners with The Hiking Project. The Hiking Project is a crowd sourced platform. Crowd sourced means other hikers share their favorite hikes.

The Hiking Project lets you find hikes near you. The project also lets you search based on the hike’s difficulty. Trail difficulty ratings include:

  • Easy_ walking with no obstacles and low grades
  • Intermediate_ 10% grade, small rocks, small roots, easy scrambling
  • Difficult_ 15% grade, large obstacles, possible scrambling or climbing
  • Extremely Difficult_ 20% grade, greater than 15 inch obstacles, many hard sections

Hiking 101

Hiking 101 gives you helpful hiking tips. Information includes: 

  • What to do before you hike
  • Outdoor skills
  • Gear information; what gear to take
  • Safety and first aid tips

Alliance of Hiking Organizations

This is a network of trail groups, hiking clubs, and other outdoor groups. The network promotes and protects:

  • Hiking trails
  • Trail lands
  • The hiking experience

A Useful Blog

American Hiking also has a blog with MANY useful posts! Check their useful resources here. American Hiking Society Blog   

The blog has 4 categories:

  • Before You Go_ covers preparing to hike
  • Outdoor Skills_ provides useful information like:
    • Using a compass
    • Hiking manners
    • Water purification
    • and more
  • Safety and First Aid_ helps you stay safe and healthy as you hike
  • All About Trails_ provides interesting, general hiking information

Atlanta Outdoor Club – Local Hiking Club

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Introduction – Atlanta Outdoor Club

The Atlanta Outdoor Club (AOC) is one of the local hiking clubs near me in Atlanta, Georgia. I enjoy hiking with the club. The AOC is free!

Even though the club has activities besides hiking, there are a lot of hikes to choose from. The hikes are ranked by difficulty.

The club has a very good, easy to use site. You can easily find a hike for your skill level, and schedule a hike with others.

The Atlanta Outdoor Club (AOC) take its inspiration from nature and adventure. The AOC connects people with a sense of discovery and exploration. The club creates chances to turn a passion for nature into a passion for life.

The club thrives on adventure but avoids unnecessary risks.

The AOC welcomes outdoor lovers of all levels to join the fun. A 100% volunteer organization, the AOC inspires, educates, and leads the outdoor community in Atlanta and beyond.

AOC Mission

The Atlanta Outdoor Club is about outdoors fun and adventure. The AOC is a self sustaining, no fee club. The club creates hiking, camping, adventure, and fitness oriented events.

AOC trip leaders are the heart and soul of the club. Trip leaders have the resources and flexibility to create organized, well run events.

The AOC stresses diversity. The club has diverse events, experience levels, and backgrounds. Members bring positive attitudes, responsibility, friendship, and a commitment to share their love for the outdoors.

AOC Values

The club’s values are the standard for its actions and attitudes. Club values include:

  • Respect_ regard for people and nature
  • Benevolence_ do no harm and leave no trace
  • Openness_ social climate that builds friendship
  • Diverse_ wide range of ability, experience, and ethnic backgrounds
  • Active_ challenging, tough, and noncompetitive approach to exploring
  • Structure_ clear, organized, accountable, events and oversight

Summary – Hiking Clubs

Both clubs are great examples of a national and a local club. Each type of club offers you benefits.

Hiking clubs offer a great way to make friends with similar interests. As a club member, you have many volunteer opportunities.

Joining a club helps you hike regularly and safely take hikes you might want to avoid doing alone. Find a club near you and get on the trail!

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