Hiking Trails With Waterfalls

4 Best North Georgia Hiking Trails (With Waterfalls)

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Find the Best Hiking Trails With Waterfalls

If you want hiking trails with waterfalls, Georgia is a great place to find them. Whether you just like nature, just like hiking, or you want both hiking and nature, consider Georgia. Georgia should be high on your list of places to go hiking. In this beautiful state, there are a lot of hiking trails with waterfalls. These trails can satisfy your urge to explore wilderness hiking trails that have cool, sparkling waterfalls. 

You might want to think about some hiking gear for your hike:

Exciting hiking trails with waterfalls include: 

Emery Creek Waterfalls Hiking Trail – Chatsworth, GA 30540; Distance: 6 miles (total) in and back; Difficult 


Hiking Trails With Waterfalls

Hot summer days are cool here. Savor the quiet privacy as you get away from it all. Enjoy the wildflowers, ferns, and cool green moss. As you hike to Emery Creek Falls, be prepared for at least 20 water crossings, and be ready to get wet! 

Emery Creek Falls takes you along a watery hike through a hardwood forest that includes the endangered hemlock tree. Hemlock trees contribute to our water quality, air quality, and a good home for our wildlife.  


The Emery Creek Falls trail follows what were once old logging roads. 

  • The roads take you along Holly Creek.
  • Hike .3 miles and cross. Be careful! Watch your footing on slippery rocks.
  • Cross the creek again at .5 mile, .9 mile, and again at 1.1 miles!
  • Hike 1.4 miles.
  • Cross the creek, and turn right on the old logging road.
  • Cross the creek again at 1.45 miles.
  • When you reach the 1.55 point, look for the green trail blaze, and turn right again.
  • At 1.85 miles, and again at 1.95 miles, cross the creek again!
  • Cross the creek the last time at 2.3 miles.
  • Turn left, and hike to the lower falls.
  • Return to the main trail, and turn left.
  • Hike east, and uphill.
  • Follow the trail’s zig-zags until you reach a side trail.
  • Take the side trail to the upper, double waterfalls.
  • When you leave, retrace the trail back to the beginning. 

James E. Edmond Trail – Black Rock Mountain State Park, Mountain City, GA 30562; Distance: 6.7 mile loop trail – Difficult to Strenuous with steep slopes


Located at Black Rock Mountain State Park, the trail covers some of Georgia’s most stunning landscapes. When you hike the trail, expect a steep 6.7 mile trail, the hike gives you a worthwhile experience. The trail’s distinct landscape includes creeks, valleys, a remote waterfall, gurgling streams, and mountain top views. 

You want to be ready for the hike’s difficult, steep slopes. Each mile you hike, the trail climbs higher! Of course, the trail goes downhill in places. Still, after a little more than 4 miles, the trail slopes uphill until you reach the top. The James E. Edmond is best for hikers with experience. 


  • At the trailhead, walk through the picnic area.
  • Turn right at the trail sign.
  • Go straight for 1.1 miles, and cross the road.
  • Pass the waterslide at 2 miles.
  • At the fork, 3.2 miles, go STRAIGHT towards Lookoff Mountain.
  • Go straight at the split for the small Lookoff Mountain loop.
  • Complete the loop.
  • Take the West Fork trail downhill.
  • Look for the bright orange trail blazes. (4 miles)
  • Turn right at the blazes.
  • Cross the gravel road.
  • Turn right on the connecting trail. (If you get to the bridges, you went too far.)
  • Pass a waterfall on your left.
  • Turn left after the waterfall. (5.2 miles)
  • Cross the road to your right.
  • Stay right at the loop split. (5.9 miles)
  • Go straight until you reach the trailhead.

Jacks River Falls – Beech Bottom Trailhead, Copperhill, TN 37317 (hiking the Beech Bottom Trail in Georgia); Distance: 9.2 miles (total) in and back; Easy to Moderate with a medium slope  


Among all the hiking trails with waterfalls, prepare to see one of the best falls when you hike to Jacks River Falls! This is a long, stunning hike. This hike to the falls takes the Beech Bottom Trail. You can also hike the Beech Bottom Trail and the Jacks River Trail as another route to the falls.

On a hot summer day, jump into the cool pool below the upper fall. Follow the path about 30 yards away from the falls, and enjoy the fall’s beautiful view from the ground. If you hike the trail during the late spring look for the pretty white, pink, and red mountain laurel. Also, look for the colorful pink, yellow, red, and white wild roses. Enjoy this untamed, rugged wilderness in Georgia’s remote, rolling hills.

Be careful, wet and SLIPPERY rocks! Also, watch out for poison ivy, LOTS of it on each side of the trail.


  • Start at the Beech Bottom trailhead.
  • Get to the parking lot EARLY!
  • Almost the entire hike, follow the trail along the side of the mountain. 
  • There is one confusing part of this trail.
  • After about 4 miles, you start hiking slightly downhill.
  • Take the SHARP right turn. (Look for the “No Horses Beyond This Point” sign.)
  • Follow the Jacks River to the falls.
  • About 30 yards past the falls, take a path so you can look up at the falls for a breathtaking view.
  • Return the way you came in

Raven Cliff Falls Hiking Trail – 3000 Richard B Russell Scenic Hwy, Helen, GA 30545; Distance: 5 miles in and back; Easy


Relish the abundant summer wildflowers and mossy tracks! The Raven Cliff Falls Trail is easily one of the best hiking trails with waterfalls that Georgia offers. The walk to the top and back should be appreciated by even seasoned hikers. 

The trail takes you through a cool, green, moss-splattered forest. The hike has fresh, cascading waterfalls. Unlike many waterfalls, Raven Cliff offers you a double cascade fall with three drops. First, enjoy a spectacular 60-foot drop. Next, be delighted by a 20-foot drop into a deep mountain pool. Finally, end with another glittering 20-foot cascade to Dodd Creek. 


  • Simply follow the trail upstream along Dodd Creek.
  • Just before you arrive, the falls announce themselves with a surprising, loud roar! 
  • Return by hiking downstream along Dodd Creek.

Hiking Trails With Waterfalls – Notable mentions:

  • Panther Creek FallsEnjoy aseries of multi-tiered waterfalls cascading to the sandy flat beach.
  • DeSoto Falls – This is a short beginner-friendly hike, through a young forest, that takes you to two waterfalls.
  • Minnehaha Falls – At just under half a mile, the trail is great for kids, yet it has a stunning 100-foot cascading waterfall at the top.

Before you hike, you might want to consider some hiking gear:

Conclusion – Best Hiking Trails With Waterfalls

North Georgia has rolling hills and plenty of rivers and streams. The hills and rushing water combine to make the ideal home for beautiful waterfalls. Get away from it all, and enjoy these hiking trails with waterfalls.

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