The Best Backpack For Dogs: What Are The 7 Best?

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How Do You Choose The Best Backpack For Dogs?

Things that really matter and you need to know when you want the best backpack for dogs include:


Are Backpacks Good For Dogs?

Yes! Backpacks help dogs in ways that would surprise you.

  • When wearing a pack, a dog “starts working”. She “takes a job”, the job of carrying her pack. A “working” dog stays on the trail and does her “job”.
  • The pack’s snug fit helps calm many dogs.
  • The pack gives your dog a workout and helps her train for more and longer hikes.

How Do I Buy The Right Backpack Size? (Best Backpack For Dogs)

  • Find out how your pack manufacturer sizes their packs. Most size differently.
  • Next, measure your dog’s girth. Place a measuring tape around the fullest part of your dog’s chest behind its front legs and back over the shoulders.
  • Know your dog’s weight. Some packs use this as part of sizing.
  • Also, measure your dog’s neck size.
  • Finally, you might need your dog’s length. Measure from the back of the neck to the end of the tail.
  • If your dog is between sizes, you want the next size up.


Almost all dog backpacks are saddlebags. Unlike the single pouch of a human pack, a saddlebag has two panniers (pouches) that fall to either side of your dog’s chest. This evenly divides the weight across a dog’s back and prevents injury.

Best Backpack For Dogs

EzyDog High Performance Summit Dog Backpack$79.00
Kurgo Baxter$61.99
Mountainsmith K-9$74.95
OneTigris Cotton Canvas$32.98
Outward Hound Daypak$39.99 – $49.99
Ruffwear Approach$79.95
Ruffwear Palisades$149.95

EzyDog – High Performance Summit Dog Backpack


The Summit Backpack combines advanced manufacturing techniques and the highest performance materials available. The pack’s design along with its careful testing gives your dog the most comfortable fit possible.

The Summit is built for comfort, function, and fun!

Features & Benefits

  • When stopping or resting, the vest can be quickly released from the leash or fully removed to give your dog a much needed rest.
  • With its extra sturdy dog harness, your pup can easily hike rough trails.
  • Built in grab handle allows you to give her a leg up in tight spots.
  • The Summit helps keep your dog warm on chilly nights and breathes during the heat of day so she stays cooler.


  • Breathable mesh conforms to your pup’s back for comfort.
  • Built in padded carry handle for quick control
  • D-ring attachment for a leash to guide your dog
  • Main compartments feature:
    • Waterproof zippers to stay dry
    • Coated ripstop material with reflective trim for your doggie’s safety
  • MSRP $79
SizeWeight (lbs.)Neck (in.)Girth (in.)
Small25 – 5012 – 2424 – 38
Medium45 – 7516 – 2828 – 44
EzyDog Summit Backpack Size Chart

EzyDog – The Company

EzyDog makes a line of active dog gear. The gear encompasses the outdoor lifestyle dogs love. The product line also has the comfort and style pet owners prefer.

In addition to packs, EzyDog has unique, highly functional leash systems. EzyDog designed their leashes for comfort, control and safety. The leashes help teach dogs in training and control dogs that pull.

EzyDog’s products help both owners and pets get more out of the great outdoors!

Kurgo – Baxter


The Baxter Pack lets your dog share the load when you’re on a hiking adventure together!

The Baxter is lightweight, durable, and fully adjustable. The pack has eight different adjustment points. Pack features include ergonomic spine support and perfect balance for even weight distribution and the most comfort.

The pack also features a large handle on the back, because we all need a helping hand from time to time. Fill her pack with treats, toys, first aid supplies, and anything else she might need along the way. Let her feel useful!

If you want the best backpack for dogs, look closely at the Kurgo Baxter.

Features & Benefits

  • Eight adjustment points for a near custom fit
  • Two saddlebags offer liberal room for adventure essentials and to balance the load.
  • Reflective trim for safety in low light visibility
  • Large padded handle on top for control or extraction
  • Rear mounted leash hook
  • Ergonomic spine support contours to the dog’s back for a comfortable fit
  • Secure straps for a better fit
  • Machine washable on gentle or hand wash and air dry to keep clean
  • MSRP $59.95

Size Specifications

SizeNeck (A)Chest (B) Dog Weight
Baxter Size17 – 24 in. 27 – 40 in. 30 – 85 pounds
Big Baxter Size21 – 33 in.30 – 48 in. 50 – 110 pounds
Kurgo Baxter Backpack Size Chart
best backpack for dogs

Kurgo – The Company

The Kurgo brand can be summed up with just one word: go! Forward motion defines everything Kurgo does including:

  • Their products
  • Causes and ideas they are passionate about
  • The impact Kurgo hopes to have in their customers’ lives

Kurgo believes your dog is your best friend, family member, and hiking partner. The company makes products to enhance your hikes with your pup. Products improve your hikes together with simple, durable, and need based designs. Kurgo backs their products with a lifetime warranty.


Kurgo prides itself in making superior quality products. There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a product that breaks.

If, during your product’s lifetime, it does not function as it should due to a manufacturing defect, Kurgo repairs or replaces your product free of charge!!!

Kurgo Foundation
The foundation was restructured for 2021 to focus on encouraging underrepresented communities to go outside with their pets.

The Kurgo foundation partner with:

Mountainsmith – K-9


This is another great pack, the Mountainsmith K-9. When you look for the best backpack for dogs, look at the K-9!

In the 1980s, Mountainsmith built one of the industry’s earliest dog packs. After 40+ years of making better doggy backpacks, the 2019 K-9 Pack was introduced. The pack’s trusted fit was designed with, and approved by, a local Colorado vet.

If a product fails in any way, Mountainsmith either repairs or replaces it … for your entire life! All Mountainsmith products come with the “Forged for Life Guarantee”.

This hiking season, let your dog explore the trails while carrying his own stuff in the K-9 pack.

Features & Benefits

  • 4-point adjustable chest harness with padded sternum pad for comfort
  • Weather and water resistant interior coating for added comfort
  • Independently adjustable back harness for custom fit
  • Single adjustable belly strap for a better fit
  • Ergonomically tapered torso shape (vet approved) to improve the fit
  • Mesh panels and perforated EVA foam against canine body for more ventilation
  • Two pannier (pouch) compartments with zippered accessory pockets for storage
  • Padded tubular grab handle to help him along the trail
  • Metal D-ring attachment point for leash
  • Reflective trim on front, rear, and side panels for safety
  • MSRP $74.95


  • Nylon
  • Small: 9.5″ x 8.25″ x 2.25″; 183 cubic in.; 16 oz.
  • Medium: 12.25″ x 8.25″ x 3″; 305 cubic in.; 19.2 oz.
  • Large: 13.5″ x 9″ x 3.25″; 549 cubic in.; 22.4 oz.
Size WeightGirth
LargeOver 80 Lbs.Large Girth Chest
Medium40 – 90 Lbs.Medium Girth Chest
Small20 – 50 Lbs.Small Girth Chest
Mountainsmith K-9 Backpack Size Chart
best backpack for dogs

Mountainsmith – The Company

The company believes that experiences are far more valuable than things. Making great gear that lasts a lifetime is about more than durability. It is about making gear that lets you focus on what really matters: the adventure.

Mountainsmith commits to building the best made, most durable, and functional packs on the market. They build packs unmatched by anyone for their comfort, stability, value and performance on the trail. 

Some of Mountainsmith’s partners include: 

OneTigris – Cotton Canvas


Enjoy weekend getaways with your pup? The upgraded Cotton Canvas pack has function, style, plus comfort to offer. You can load the pack with all your K9’s essentials for the day.

OneTigris makes the pack with a quality cotton canvas fabric that has an extra soft mesh lining for breathability. The pack’s structure prevents slipping. The Cotton Canvas pack has strong front and rear stainless steel leash rings and a handy grab handle with tough stitches on all stress points.

Features & Benefits

  • Vintage design for that dog on the range look
  • Strength tested stainless steel D-rings at the front and rear for easy leash attachment
  • Anti-slip mesh lining that’s lighter and offers better breathability
  • Made of high density cotton canvas with strong stitches for more comfort and lasting durability
  • Zippered compartments on each side with extra pockets for carrying and organizing gear
  • Padded for comfort
  • Adjustable straps for a good fit
  • Top grab handle for temporary mobility assistance and for hanging the dog pack on the wall when not in use
  • MSRP $32.99


  • Cotton Canvas
  • UTX-Duraflex® Buckles
  • YKK® Zippers
  • Stainless Steel D-rings with 330 lb. pull strength
Medium17 – 23.5 in.25 – 31 in.
Large21 – 31.5 in.19 – 36 in.
OneTigris Cotton Canvas Backpack Size Chart
Cotton Canvas

OneTigris – The Company

OneTigris is a group of young hearts and lovers of life. The company wants to empower you with affordable, quality gear that helps you to do more and go further. Since 2014, OneTigris products help you and your dog enjoy your hikes with great gear.

Outward Hound – DayPak


The DayPak is a saddlebag style dog backpack. The pack allows your pup to comfortably carry extra gear while on the trail! Enjoy the convenience and storage space of 4 expandable pockets.

A light capacity pack constructed with breathable mesh and adjustable straps keeps your dog comfortable and cool on the trail.

Bright colors and reflective piping make it easy to spot your dog if they roam too far. When you are ready to hike, simply attach your pup’s leash to the D-Ring and go!

The pack comes in medium and large sizes.

Features & Benefits

  • Room for food, water, training accessories, and more for all your dog’s gear
  • Fits extra essentials for more storage
  • Two storage compartments on each side for even weight distribution
  • Breathable mesh fabric for comfort
  • Adjustable straps add comfort.
  • Bright colors for high visibility so you can stay worry free day or night
  • Available in medium and large for a better fit
  • MSRP $49.49


  • Dimensions: 13 x 1.5 x 9.38 inches
  • Material: Mesh, Nylon
Medium“Based on girth”
Large“Based on girth”
Outward Hound DayPak Backpack Size Chart

Outward Hound – The Company

The Outward Hound team is made up of passionate pet lovers. The team loves their pets as much as their pets love them.

Outward Hound makes other pet products. They also make toys, bowls, games, gear, chew toys, collars. They did not forget about cats either.

The product development team carefully tests products with their office dogs and volunteer members of their Woof Pack. Moreover, before any product goes into stores, it’s also been approved by independent testing labs.

All of the products are designed in Colorado USA. Most are manufactured in China by known, trusted partners.

Ruffwear – Approach


The Approach Pack, an everyday dog pack, has excellent performance, fit, and function. It provides dogs with the ability to efficiently carry a load. The pack makes your doggy want to explore!

The integrated harness fits your dog better, offers more pack stability, and improves overall performance. The saddlebag’s cut creates a form fit for better load carrying.

Lightweight materials and a streamlined design allow dogs to carry everything needed on the trail. Use the pack for day or overnight hikes.

Be sure to consider the Ruffwear Approach dog backpack as you look for the best pack for dogs!

Features & Benefits

  • Trail ready details: stash pockets; external gear loops
  • Five adjustment points for a full range of motion, custom fit
  • Two points of leash connection:
    • Single piece, shiny, strong aluminum V-ring for clean connection
    • Webbing loop for easy connection
  • Harness suspension system provides stability, comfort, and fit
  • Low light visibility with reflective trim and light loop for safety
  • MSRP $109.95


  • Hand wash; mild detergent; hang dry
  • Secure fasteners
17 – 22 in (43 – 56 cm)XS
22 – 27 in (56 – 69 cm)S
27 – 32 in (69 – 81 cm)M
32 – 42 in (81 – 107 cm)L/XL
Ruffwear Approach Backpack Size Chart
0.8 lb.366 in.³XS
1.05 lb.762 in.³S
1.15 lb.885 in.³M
1.3 lb.1465 in.³L/XL
Ruffwear Approach Weight and Capacity by Backpack Size
best backpack for dogs

Ruffwear – The Company

The Ruffwear Mission: “To build dog gear that enhances and inspires exploration for doggies who love the outdoors and their human companions.

In the summer of 1992, Ruffwear founder and owner Patrick Kruse met with a challenge. The challenge sparked a series of crucial changes in outdoor inspired dog gear.

Biking, A Doggy, And A Problem With Water

While mountain biking in the Los Padres National Forest with friends, Patrick’s friend Liz tried to give her dog Moqui a drink. Liz emptied half of her water bottle into a plastic bag and held it while her dog took a few slurps.

Her dog walked away panting, and Liz was left holding the bag. She couldn’t set it down without losing the water. She didn’t want to dump what was left back into her water bottle either. “You need to do something about this,” Liz said.


Patrick was the right person to ask. As a kid, Patrick constructed packs for his dog out of army surplus gas mask bags, using them on backpacking trips in Northern California’s Trinity Alps. As a young adult, he sailed for several years as crew on charter boats in the Caribbean and Central America where being handy was a useful skill.

Patrick developed the Quencher™, the original collapsible food and water bowl for dogs. In August of 1994, Ruffwear made its debut at the Outdoor Retailer trade show.

Since then, the collapsible bowl won praise from thirsty dogs and has been seen in many publications. Pet and outdoor retailers around the world began selling the Ruffwear bowl. This inspired Patrick to develop more product solutions for active dogs.

Modern Manufacturing Practices
  • Sustainable Sourcing
    • Ruffwear carefully considers the materials that go into Ruffwear products for durability, sustainable sourcing, and performance.
      • The company uses the bluesign® system to meet the highest environmental standards.
      • Ruffwear only uses natural, petroleum-free, sustainable rubber in their toys.
  • Reducing Waste
    • The company’s new business model allows them to respond more swiftly to market demand and produce only what is needed.
  • Conscious Design
    • Ruffwear works to be conscious of the environment in their product design.

Today, Ruffwear offers a full line of Performance Dog Gear. In addition to three collapsible bowl options, Ruffwear gear includes:

  • Dog packs
  • Harnesses
  • Apparel
  • Dog boots
  • Dog life jackets.

“We want to enhance the outdoor experience for all dogs and their two legged, human companions,” Patrick says.

Some Ruffwear partners include:

Clint (HikingInk) & Hilde

Ruffwear – Palisades


The Ruffwear Palisades Dog Pack enhances backcountry adventures with features like removable saddlebags, two collapsible hydration bladders, and a cross-load compression system.

Four points of attachment securely connect the saddlebags to the frame. The connection ensures load stability and comfortable weight distribution.

Be sure to consider the Ruffwear Approach as you shop for the best backpack for dogs!

Features & Benefits

  • Customizable fit with five points of adjustment allow for full range of motion
  • Padded handle and non-slip girth straps offer good load dispersion for controlled and comfortable lifting.
  • Two points of leash connection:
    • Single piece, shiny, strong aluminum V-ring for clean connection
    • Webbing loop for easy connection
  • Trail ready details: stash pockets and external gear loops for flexibility
  • Low light visibility with reflective trim and light loop for safety
  • MSRP $149.95


  • Hand wash; Mild detergent; Hang dry
  • Secure fasteners
best backpack for dogs

Ruffwear – The Company

Best Backpack For Dogs

EzyDog High Performance Summit Dog Backpack$79.00
Kurgo Baxter$61.99
Mountainsmith K-9$74.95
OneTigris Cotton Canvas$32.98
Outward Hound Daypak$39.99 – $49.99
Ruffwear Approach$79.95
Ruffwear Palisades$149.95
Best Backpack for Dogs

Summary – Best Backpack For Dogs

Remember, your doggy will like her backpack. A backpack lets her “work” while the two of you hike.

Things to know:

  • How to measure your dog so the pack fits comfortably.
  • Be sure you know how to measure your dog’s girth.
  • Know her neck size, length, and weight.

You want the best backpack for dogs so the two of you share a fun hike!

If you need a backpack for a human, please check here for 11 of the best.

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