7 Useful Hiking Gear Accessories

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Hiking Gear Accessories

Choose one of these useful hiking gear accessories as a Valentine’s or anytime gift. Each one makes a great gift for your favorite hiker!

Valentine’s day origin has several legends that explain how the day began. The legend I like is about a 3rd century priest named … Valentine. It is a romantic legend

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Someone you love will appreciate your thoughtful gift.

Hiking Gear Accessories

First Aid Kit – Daytripper LiteAdventure Medical$17.99
Gloves – Women’s & Men’s Apex eTipThe North Face$55
Bora Bora II Booney for Men & WomenColumbia$30
Helios Sun Hat for Men & WomenOutdoor Research$38
Headlamp – Spot 350Black Diamond$39.95
KnifeSurvive Outdoors Longer$27.99
Choose Your StyleDarn Tough$15.95 – $31.95
Choose Your StyleSmartwool$15 – $36
Stuff SackHyperlite$20 – $40

First Aid Kit – Adventure Medical Daytripper Lite

Whether you’re exploring solo or with a friend, the Day Tripper Lite makes the perfect day hike first aid kit. This compact hiking first aid kit fits easily into your day pack. The kit gives everything you need for a short hike

Daytripper Lite

Features & Benefits – Hiking Gear Accessories

  • Ultra-light and portable so it fits easily into your day pack
  • Treats so you feel better:
    • Muscle pain
    • Blisters
    • Splinters
    • Ticks
    • Cuts
    • Other basic first aid issues
  • Includes a Quick Guide to Wilderness First Aid pamphlet by an M.D.
  • External kit map shows you where the supplies are located for ease of use
  • Bag gives you added room for extra supplies
  • Semi-transparent secure pockets for easy access and protect your supplies
  • Pain and illness remedies for more safety
  • Splinter and tick removal tool for a comfortable hike
  • Wound care supplies for emergency treatment
  • Blister management tools for comfort
  • MSRP $17.99

Gloves – The North Face Men’s & Women’s Apex+ eTip

The Apex+ eTip Glove gives you the benefit of a versatile, lightly insulated soft shell glove. The gloves have 5-finger touchscreen ability for convenience and comfort.

Apex+ eTip

Features & Benefits – Hiking Gear Accessories

  • Silicone gripper palm for a strong grip
  • Pull tab on cuff for easy on/off for ease of use
  • Soft shell on palm for 5-finger touchscreen capability
  • 100% windproof fabric for a stronger glove
  • Design that keeps hands in their natural relaxed position for added comfort
  • Insulation provides extra warmth so you stay warmer
  • Soft shell on back of gloves blocks wind and moisture; keeps hands warm and dry
  • MSRP $55

Hats – Columbia & Outdoor Research For Women & Men

You want a good hiking hat. The additional shade for your eyes and protection for your face when you hike in the hot sun helps you stay cool as you hike. Also, you will appreciate the headband helping your brow stay dry.

Columbia Bora Bora II Booney for Men & Women

Bora Bora II Booney

Features & Benefits

  • Built in UPF 50 so you do not burn
  • Ultra sweat wicking headband for comfort
  • A mesh vent panel for hot days on the trail so you stay cool
  • Adjustable draw cord and toggle at back for a better fit
  • MSRP $30: Check for the best price below.

Outdoor Research Helios Sunhat for Women & Men

The broad brimmed Helios Sun Hat protects you from the intense sun.

The headband moves moisture away from your brow. The brim offers an oasis of shade. The draw cord keeps your hat tight on long trails.

hiking gear accessories
Helios Sunhat

Features & Benefits

  • Resists water to keep you dry
  • Quick dry also keeps you dry
  • Breathable to keep you cool
  • Wicking helps you stay cool
  • Lightweight for easy carry and pack
  • UPF 50+ protects from sunburn
  • Foam stiffened brim for a sturdy hat
  • One handed draw cord adjustment for a better fit
  • Removable chin cord for more comfort
  • Packable for easy storage
  • MSRP $38

Headlamp – The Black Diamond Spot 350

If nightfall catches you on the trail, you need a headlamp. The Black Diamond Spot 350 lights the way when you find yourself on a dark trail.

hiking gear accessories
Spot 350

Features & Benefits

The Black Diamond Spot 350 has:

  • 350 lumens of power that only needs 3 AAA batteries for power and a bright light
  • Smaller, more efficient design for easy pack and wear
  • New, compact body with a lower profile for better balance
  • Designed for comfort
  • New, second switch so you can easily select the lens mode
  • Efficient optics for:
    • Brighter light
    • Longer battery life
  • Six setting, three LED battery meter to monitor use
  • Lighting for the outer part of your line of sight to help with close range activities
  • Waterproof housing for use in the rain
  • Brightness memory feature allows you to turn the light on and off at a chosen brightness without reverting back to a default setting.
  • Instant brightness adjustment settings for ease of use
  • MSRP $39.95

Knife – SOL Stoke Folding – Hiking Gear Accessories

You want a knife when you hike. Even for just a day hike, you need to be prepared. You want a knife if you need to start fires, process firewood, cook. or other tasks that come up.

The Survive Outdoors Longer ( SOL) Stoke Folding Knife Give you three tools in one. The knife has a rope cutter, a flint striker, and fire tinder lanyard with a 3.25 inch stainless steel knife blade.

Carry the knife and fire starting essentials in the sturdy holster on your pack or attach to a belt.

SOL Stoke Folding Knife

Features & Benefits – Hiking Gear Accessories

  • Stainless steel holds a sharp edge with ease
  • Rope cutter lets you quickly cut rope
  • Grippy handle for safety and comfort
  • Blade designed for use with flint to start fire
  • Fire tinder lanyard to help start your fire
  • Folding design packs down small when space is tight
  • 3.25 inch blade
  • MSRP $29.99


Darn Tough

A family owned business, Darn Tough still knits socks in Vermont. The company wants Darn Tough to make the world’s best socks.

Darn Tough uses a fine gauge (high number of stitches per inch), Merino Wool, to make socks. The wool keeps your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. No seams in the socks helps reduce blisters and make the socks more comfortable.

MSRP $15.95 – $31.95

Darn Tough


Smartwool uses high grade Merino Wool to make their socks. The wool regulates your body temperature and keeps your feet dry. The sock’s cushion ranges from heavy cushion to ultralight cushion.

MSRP $15 – $36

Smart Wool

Stuff Sack – Hyperlite

Hyperlite Stuff sacks have two fabric options and six size options to choose from. The size sack you choose depends on the gear you want to pack. Use the table below as a guide to choose the stuff sack size you need.

hiking gear accessories
Stuff Sack

Features & Benefits – Hiking Gear Accessories

These sacks have the following helpful features:

  • High resistance to wear to last longer
  • Excellent strength; strong rip stop properties for toughness
  • Core drawstring with mini-cord locks to secure your gear
  • Waterproof (NOT a dry bag though, DO NOT submerge in water!)
  • Multiple color choices for a custom look
  • Hand built in Biddeford, Maine, USA supports our workers
  • MSRP $20 – $40

Use this table to choose the Stuff Sack size that you need:

Nano4″x6″Compact electronics, first-aid kit, wallet
Small8″x10″Small electronics, snacks, toiletries
Medium9″x12″Tarpaulin, food, extra clothes
Large10″x14″Camera gear, books, food, clothes
X-Large12″x17″Cooking gear or clothes
XX-Large14″x19″Sleeping bag, tent, insulated clothes

Hiking Gear Accessories

First Aid Kit – Daytripper LiteAdventure Medical$14.99
Gloves – Women’s & Men’s Apex eTipThe North Face$55
Bora Bora II Booney for Men & WomenColumbia$30
Helios Sun Hat for Men & WomenOutdoor Research$38
Headlamp – Spot 350Black Diamond$39.95
KnifeSurvive Outdoors Longer$27.99
Choose Your StyleDarn Tough$15.95 – $31.95
Choose Your StyleSmartwool$15 – $36
Stuff SackHyperlite$20 – $40

Summary – Hiking Gear Accessories

Show your hiker that you care. Any of these hiking gear accessories are useful on the trail. Also, consider any of these hiking essentials.

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